Fineta Energy Group

ENERGY strategies for a carboN-friendly future


The Fineta Energy Group team, in cooperation with various nationally recognized lending sources, provides commercial, industrial, and MUSH Market* energy consumers access to a cost-efficient financing solution for the implementation of large-scale energy conservation measures.  

Our concept gives our clients greater control over project financing, thus freeing up cash that would otherwise be used for energy purposes. In our model all assets, tax benefits and incentives are owned by the consumer, and factored into the project costs. The Fineta Energy Group model empowers consumers to act and the pace of energy conservation in North America to accelerate quickly.

Across the country, Renewable Portfolio States are calling for aggressive targets for carbon emission reductions. In all cases these mandates cannot be fully state-funded, so lack of capital is the first hurdle to overcome in the energy efficiency equation.

What can be done to help accelerate the pace at which North America installs energy savings products and programs and elicits greater private sector participation?

One solution lies within the model of financing energy projects themselves. Fineta Energy Group programs hold the promise of moving energy finance from a cottage industry largely controlled by the ESCOs/performance contractors (ESPC) and dominated by high margin contracts to a market based platform, where consumers themselves are empowered to move more rapidly and with greater flexibility towards carbon targets.

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* MUSH market consists of municipalities, universities, schools, and hospitals.