About Fineta Energy Group

Recently, a group of market influencers from the financial and energy sectors came together with a mission to define new opportunities for institutional investing in the emerging energy economy.

The working group set its sights squarely on the issue of scalable financing for achieving energy efficiency in buildings. Fineta Energy Group consists of a team of experienced engineering, legal and financial entities that work together to provide a comprehensive delivery program for the implementation of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) in the "as-built" (existing buildings) environment.

Our team members and professional industry resources possess extensive experience in the disciplines necessary to deliver the highest quality products and services available in the industry.  Our team has funded over $50 billion in projects using market-ready financing solutions that enabled the completion of projects that may have otherwise gone unfunded. This resulted in the conservation of precious natural resources and protection of the environment, and allowed companies and institutions to reallocate their financial resources, due to the energy savings, to a better use.

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